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Floral Waters - Rosalina Floral Water Mantsa Wellness

Floral Waters - Rosalina

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Origin: Western Australia 

Rosalina Hydrosol is a relatively new player in the essential oil market and is native to Australia. Grown & Harvested by the Paper Bark Co, Western Australia 

Botanical Name: Melaleuca ericafolia

Aroma: A Lavender Tea Tree aromatic quality.

Rosalina Floral water retains many of the properties of the plant.  The properties of the essential oil carries through to the water.

Floral waters are refreshing and fragrant tonics to use on the skin after cleansing or for a pick-me-up during the day.

They can help to minimise oiliness, refine open pores, and ensure complete removal of cleansing products and make up.

Floral Water can be used in skincare products, bath products, as a spritzer to refresh or relax, and they make excellent linen and air fresheners.

Analgesic, anti-bacterial, anti-infectious, anti-microbial, antiseptic, anti-spasmodic, anti-viral, calmative, expectorant, immunostimulant, nervine, pectoral.

Warming, relieves tension, colds and flus

Rosalina is especially good at easing headaches and tensions. It can be used to ease respiratory and sinus infections, colds and flus, restlessness, nervousness, irritability, acne, pimples and insect bits.