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Carrier Oils - Australian Macadamia Oil Certified Organic 50ml Carrier Oils Mantsa Wellness
Carrier Oils - Australian Macadamia Oil Carrier Oils Mantsa Wellness 50ml

Carrier Oils - Australian Macadamia Oil Certified Organic 50ml

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Macadamia Oil - Certified Organic*

Botanical name: Macadamia integrifolia 

Non volatile vegetable oil extracted from the Macadamia nuts harvested as fully ripened nuts from the Macadamia tree.

Native to Australia, Macadamias are found growing in the warm climates of the north eastern states – mainly Queensland in the rich organic soils of the rain forests and near waterways.

Macadamia Oil is processed from the nuts which are abundant with triglyceride oil containing monounsaturated fats – higher than Canola and Olive oils which makes Macadamia Oil super nourishing in skin and body care.

This beautiful oil is lightly amber in colour, containing a high concentration of palmitoleic acid – a fatty acid which is also found in fish oils.

Popular as a carrier oil for blending with many essential oils for either massage or for skin and body care products.

This beautiful oil is popular as a hair oil due to its moisturising action in the hair follicles, adding shine and assisting in creating stronger, healthier hair strands. Useful specifically for long hair or for those who swim often massage into the hair after a dip in the ocean or a lap swim in chlorine to keep the hair well nourished. Even in dry climates, a little Macadamia oil would help keep your hair looking good.

This lovely Australian vegetable oil is also used blended with other vegetable oils for a rich and nourishing massage oil.

Nourishing oil for mature and ageing skin.

known to provide positive results within a short period of time.  

Helps minimise the formation of stretch marks. 

Minor skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema have also been known to respond well to this oil.

In Aromatherapy, Macadamia oil is well known for being a useful oil which enters the pores of the skin quite rapidly due to it’s fine composition and silky texture.

Keep your oil in a cool place during summer, preferably in the fridge below 30° and it will last longer.


Should be avoided by those with nut allergies