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Massage Oil - Water- Dispersible Massage Oil Massage Oil Mantsa Wellness

Australian Massage Oil - Water- Dispersible Massage Oil

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Mantsa Wellness-Water-Dispersible Unscented Massage Oil can be used at home for a personal relaxing massage or by massage therapists. Use it unscented or add your favourite Essential Oil...

- Light, non-sticky texture
- Softening and moisturising on the skin
- Cold-pressed carrier oils with added oil dispersant and anti-oxidants
- Doubles as a bath oil
- Wipes or rinses away easily

Key Ingredients (nut-free)

Sunflower seed oil - moisturising, emollient
Rice bran oil - skin softening, anti-oxidant properties
Caprylic Capric Triglyceride - non-GMO emollient
Polysorbate 85 - oil dispersant
Tocopherol (vitamin E) - anti-oxidant, smoothing

Do you struggle to keep their towels fresh and oil-free after regular massage use? Mantsa Wellness Water-Dispersible Massage Oil washes out easily, leaving no unpleasant odours or oil residues, helping to prolong the life of your towels, as well as enhancing your massage.

Great for full body treatments, Water-Dispersible Unscented Massage Oil is a mid-weight oil and great all-rounder.