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The Mantsa Wellness Journey & How to say NO to the MLM pitch!

The link below is to a great article on how to say NO to the MLM pitch... even if it is close family and friends. You do not need to sign up with a MLM essential oil company to use essential oils.
The Mantsa Wellness Journey
Before starting my business I was involved with a well known American MLM Essential oil company. I believed all the hype and everything they said. I was consumed with everything aspect and having a love of natural products, I signed up and soon got involved with the CULTure of this company. 
I used to use Essential Oils a lot when I was younger, drifted away but then, here is was, a way to use them again and support my income. So with 'Rose Coloured Glasses', I wanted to get involved, because I wanted to start a business that I could grow in readiness for retirement. I went to their seminars and was consumed with the glamour, their brilliance, their sympathetic stores of supporting communities all over the world and the prospect of another income source. So here I was, with little or no knowledge or expertise of oils, presenting a way to people to be able obtain these 'magnificent' CTPG oils. I soon realised that the only way I could make a business (or any money which was quite few pyramid levels away) was that I had to talk others into signing up and then pressure them into repeat buying. I didn’t like that at all, the pressure to make numbers (sign ups) was hard when all I wanted to do was to help people to support their wellness naturally.  So researched deeper. One of the things I found out was that their CTPG which is sold to its followers at the ultimate certification for quality, was a trade mark of this company and was not recognised as a certification anywhere in the world. The only company to use CTPG was this company! No other company in the world used it, so they were not answerable to any other higher board of certification. Also while having a coffee with some friends, I found out that one of their stories about supporting women by giving women hygiene packs was not entirely true. One of the ladies I was was having coffee with had been an overseas aid and told me what happened when this American MLM had actually visited the village she was supporting. The main thing that stuck out to me was that the multi million Dollar company gave you the impression that the packs where given to the women in the village for free. The truth was that they were charging these poor women, with no money,  $10.00 a pack! I started researching a bit deeper, without the Rose Coloured Glasses and I didn't like what I found. 
I soon walked away because I started to disbelieve the hype and that was not what I wanted to do as a business. I contacted the head office of the MLM and talked to them about running the business the way I wanted to, which involved making my own products for resell. I wanted to use oils and make wellness products to help people support their needs naturally. This American MLM told me I could only sell THEIR products. I was told that If I used their oils in a product I could not say that I was using their oils in my products in any way. Also I couldn’t even sell any thing to compliment the oils like booklets and lava jewellery! 
Being a person who likes to do everything correctly, by the book and compliant with Australian laws and guidelines I did my research and I quickly walked away from this American MLM company. Uncomfortable with the knowledge that this company sends their wellness advocates out with little or no knowledge of the oils or of the safety of using the oils, for example, their carefully "compliant" discourse is that it is ok to take oils internally. This is very dangerous and against all Australian compliance, rules and regulations. Also the main purpose of a party was to sell and repeat the hype & pressure others to ‘sign up’ to work your way up the pyramid, whoops, ladder. 
I decided to go alone and start my own business and I have never looked back.  I also started my Aromatherapy Practitioner qualifications to ensure that I give my customers the best and current information. When I open to my consultation practice, my clients will know how to use use the oils correctly and the clients would be monitored when using the oils to ensure safety. 
Through my research I found that we do not need to buy overseas essential oils because Australian farmers grow, harvest and distill most common Essential oils right here in Australia. Also Australia has many, many unique Essential oils, native to Australia, that have been used for 1000’s of years by our first people’s! When I introduced my single range of oils, I decided to go Australian.
Now - 4 years later....
I love the choices I made. Mantsa Wellness is proud to be 100% Australian owned and operated and is NOT a MLM business and never will be. The business is to help people support themselves naturally. 
Mantsa Wellness is 100% compliant with Australian compliance, rules and regulations. Our single oil range is 100% Pure Australian with the oils being sourced directly from the distillery or the plantation outlets here in Australia. The oils used in our wellness products are 100% Australian. We are slowly converting our tried and tested blends, floral waters and carrier oils over to purely Australian.

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