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Please Stay Calm

Please be calm... the statistics just do not support the need for panic. Stress and medications puts a strain on your immune system. If your immune system is low and you are like me, and work in a place where germs are prolific you catch everything going! Sometimes a cold is a cold, a sore throat could be just an allergy, irritation or maybe tonsillitis or laryngitis? Fear and panic can cause its own illnesses.

This virus is not ‘the end of days’, the world has been attacked by viruses before, bird flu, SARS ? There is no need to hoard or panic buy... totally unnecessary. Up north, during the cyclone season or natural disasters, we make sure we have enough water, light, heat and tinned food for 2 weeks in case we loose power or are cut off. ... be prepared but no need for panic buying stripping the shelves so pensioners and others have nothing, that’s just selfish.

There is so may mixed messages out there of what the symptoms are... please be aware of your own health, hygiene, your surroundings and who you are in contact with. We would all do the same thing and self isolate during the ‘flu’season or if you caught any of the old fashioned infections like chicken pox/ shingles, bronchitis etc etc. Please try and stay calm everyone.

Self isolating myself this week (bad cold and low immunity) has enable me to be inspired, research and put together my protection own blend together made from all Australian Essential Oils... I’ve named it Shield 🛡. I have also been using my blend Breathe... and they were both certainly working... but just to test them out, I stopped them for 36 hours, took panadol instead, went shopping and I relapsed. So back to my oils, fresh air and self isolation again and let the oils do their work.

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