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Discover nature's best in your own garden.

You never know what you are going to find in your own garden!

Ever since I moved into my home I have had a paperbark tree in my garden next to my driveway. This poor tree has struggled throughout the years, we have chopped it back and it seems to attract lots of nasty plants like those horrible spikey climbers and misletoe... but it just keeps fighting on. Typical Australian Native.

During my research into Australian Essential Oils, I am learning so much. Today I as looking into Rosalina, also known as Lavender Tea Tree or Swamp Paper Bark.....ding ding ding......Paper bark.... So I looked up the common Paper Bark Tree which I have in my garden.... Low and behold.... The Common Paper Bark Tree is Niaouli! A beautiful native Australian Oil that I have recently added to my personal essential oil collection and will be soon adding to The Australian Essential Oil Collection for sale. 

Sure enough.... I went back outside, I rubbed a few leaves between my fingers and there is was the beautiful aroma of Niaouli Essential Oil. I now have a greater respect for the tough old tree at my driveway.... Nature's gifts are all around us. 

Niaouli - Not to be taken 

Melaleuca quinquenervia 

Ref: A Guide to Australian Native Essential Oils 5th Ed, by Greg Trevena
Ref: The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy by Valerie Ann Worwood
Ref: The encyclopaedia of Essential Oils by Julia Lawless 


Indigenous people chewed on the leaves of this species for head colds. A tea drink was made out of the leaves for clods and flus by early settlers.

Essential Oil Aroma 

A fresh, lemon, minty, extremely pleasant Eucalyptus type aroma. 

Modern day uses

Anti bacterial, colds, flu, respiratory conditions, calming, refreshing, stimulating, disinfectant for cleaning bathrooms, floors and household surfaces. 

Blends well with

Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Fragonia, Lavender, most Australian Natives. 


Use as an alternative to Eucalyptus when Eucalyptus is undesirable 

Most Australian Natives blend well together, try holding the undiluted bottles together to discover a blend that suites your needs and aromatic pleasure.


Not to be taken. In Australia it is not recommended to take Essential Oils internally unless recommended and moderated by a qualified Medical Practitioner.

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