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Australian Oils: Fragonia - Your Australian protector

In Australia we have many wonderful essential oils with a multitude of therapeutic properties. The traditional Tea Tree oil is renowned for this natural therapeutic properties, but Tea Tree oil is not the only Australian oil that can help us heal. 

The 'Australian Oils' blogs will be investigating an Australian essential oil every week and I will discuss the oil, their amazing properties, explaining what each term means and ways to use them. 

Fragonia - Your Australian Protector 

Fragonia is a trade mark name given to the oil extracted from the Agonis fragrans grown in Western Australia exclusively by The Paper Bark Co. Being part of the Myrtaceae family it is a cousin to the Tea Tree and can sometimes be known as the Coarse Tea Tree and is a native bush to Western Australia. 

Fragonia is one of my favourite oils because not only does it have a beautiful aroma, it can balance the emotions and nervous system, help with aches and pains  as well as helping protect us from all nasty germs. 

So why did I refer to Fragonia as Your Australian Protector? It comes down to the multitude of therapeutic properties, that will help us protect ourselves naturally against those nasty bugs that now seem to affect us all year round. The Properties or actions listed to Fragonia are:

Analgesic: Reduces pain sensation  

anti-bacterial: Prevents bacterial growth

anti-fungal: Prevents fungal growth

anti-infectious: Prevents uptake of infection 

anti-inflammatory: Alleviates inflammation 

anti-microbial: Prevents microorganism growth

anti-putrescent: Acts against putrefaction 

immunostimulant: Stimulates the action of the immune system 

mucolyic: Breaks down mucus 

pectrol: Beneficial for diseases or conditions of the chest and respiratory system

restorative: Strengthens and revives the body systems 

spasmolytic: Eases smooth muscle spasms 

vulnerary: Heals wounds and sores by external application 

Wow! What an Aussie allrounder! With its clean, fresh, slightly citrus and slightly spicy and earthy aroma, Fragonia's aroma is more pleasant than Tea Tree.  

Because it is such an Aussie allrounder it blends well with most Australian Essential Oils including the Eucalyptus family, Myrtle family, Tea Tree family, Cypress family, Sandalwood, Kunzea and Tasmanian Black Pepper. 

Fragonia also blends well with international oils such as basil, bay laurel, bergamot, black pepper, chamomile, Frankincense, geranium, ho wood, lemon, lemongrass, manuka, niaoulli orange, palmarosa, rosemary, spearmint and thyme. 

I love this oil on its own or blended with other Australian Essential oils especially Honey Myrtle this is why I have added Fragonia to my store. It is available as a single oil part of Mantsa Wellness Australian Essential Oil collection or as part of Mantsa Wellness Protective Blend: Shield 


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