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Australian Oils: Nerolina -The Unknown Restorer

  • Australian Oils - Nerolina - The Unknown Restorer

    Nerolina essential oil is used in perfumery. The essential oil can be used as a miticide in shampoo and washing products, helping to relieve both scalp and blankets from infestations.  The flowers also provide an important source of nectar for commercial honey bees.

    Nerolina Essential Oil’s soothing, refreshing and relaxing properties promote tranquility and calm in the mind and body. In addition, it’s thought to have anti-viral and anti-inflammatory abilities.

    Nerolina oil’s normalising qualities make it useful for removing bad odours from rooms. Plus it’s great added to shampoos, to your cleaning products for washing blankets and sheets, and is especially good for removing pet smells and nasties from bedding and rugs.